Will Smith Tears Up Ending 'Fresh Prince' Feud w/ Janet Hubert
Will Smith and Janet Hubert have finally put their differences aside! The former co-stars sat down together for the first time in 27 years during "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reunion special on HBO Max to discuss the actress' contentious exit from the sitcom nearly three decades earlier. Hubert originally played Aunt Viv for three seasons of the show. She left in 1993 citing "creative differences" and was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid. The casting shakeup sparked an ongoing feud between Smith and Hubert, which has continued in the public eye - until now!
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Will Smith Tears Up Ending 'Fresh Prince' Feud w/ Janet Hubert

  • Abeti One
    Abeti One

    I found it hard to like that other aunt viv i preferred this one tbh 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name

    She radiates, that says a lot = she has to be a beautiful soul. What a gorgeous woman ❤️

  • R Marie
    R Marie

    love u Aunt Viv

  • JE son
    JE son

    왜 자넷휴버트랑 윌스미스랑 사이가 안 좋았을까? 자넷휴버트가 다신 안본다고 해놓고 왜 다시 만났을까 엉클 필 돌아가신거 때문인가ㅜㅜ 영어를 모르니까 궁금해죽겠다ㅠㅠ

  • Heat Fan23
    Heat Fan23

    Hubert hasn’t aged a damn day sheeesh!! Get it girl!!

  • salazarluisanny

    I love that woman so beautiful ❤️😍

  • Paola Loseto
    Paola Loseto

    Finally healing is what she needed...Love you aunt Viv....

  • EternalRoman

    If she was willing to come back to the screen, she should be given good a part in a movie, something that would again show the magnificence of her acting prowess and her passion. Granted the whole racial thing is still going, but I think it could be done after this and a come back for her in something good would be great for fans of her.

  • Sohailcena07 Akhtari
    Sohailcena07 Akhtari

    R.i.p James Avery😭😢🥺may God be with him

  • Darrel Hicks
    Darrel Hicks

    How fake why would will say he sorry she has dis this man for 27 years forget apologize to a woman the truth hurts forget people feelings

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner

    so will basicly said if you dont do this tribute thing were both gonna look stupid, so how much u want an we can do a teary sorry video an make fun of everyone .... yeah...

  • Elisa K.
    Elisa K.

    I see it the way ET Canada’s Graeme said. The top people in the show used Will and Janet against each other to escape any responsibility. Poor Janet. I was really disappointed in Will when I heard her videos, that she had to post online, because nobody else would listen to her truth. I became a vocal antifan online, still kind of not really a fan anymore. She was suffering so much and he was enjoying so much of his success. Since that stupid Oscar scene his wife, Jada, caused on his behalf. It was so clear, it was about his success, not about the success of other people of color. I felt he had become too arrogant in his need for his ego to be fed. Anyways. He doesn’t need any more fame or riches. To me, he is no longer worthy of my respect. Only respect his talent, put to a point in his career, before Concussion (2015), not so much the person, I can’t completely believe it’s really for her sake, for his image, so. I need to see more making it up to her, the big gesture, then I will believe he means it.

  • Jackson

    Beautiful and Strong, the only 2 words to describe her 💜💜💜

  • Ectoplasmic Entity
    Ectoplasmic Entity

    She deserves 3 years of backpay from Will Smith. I love love Will but come on bro.

  • Daniel Hobbs
    Daniel Hobbs

    This guy loves crying

  • KaYLA !!! MaYfIElD
    KaYLA !!! MaYfIElD

    What happen between them

  • misa6811

    Whats the song in the background

  • LuLu

    Ow Chile, my eyes were leaking watching this. Growing up as a black girl, fresh prince was a show I looked up to.

  • Finde Die Wahrheit
    Finde Die Wahrheit


  • Agents Official
    Agents Official

    Not everyone gets their name cleared like these even after 30 years most of them die with misconceptions

  • Nakitha Smith
    Nakitha Smith

    The way I've cried watching this reunion

  • Glory Mosby
    Glory Mosby

    I'm so glad that they finally got everything off of their chests and made up All love

  • I don’t know What name to use
    I don’t know What name to use

    People still act like it was her fault will went through a home where his dad hits his mom and Janet went through the same experience only she was the mom getting hit and she just had a baby the network didn’t give her a fair deal to hell with you people, being able to perform that good with all that shit in her life is amazing and let’s not forget she was a black women in the 80s with all that shit

  • Andrew Vertley
    Andrew Vertley

    Why did they hate each other? Caise she got fired?

  • Thug Nasty
    Thug Nasty

    Can't even tell if he's acting or not?

  • FU! PHUCKU2!
    FU! PHUCKU2!

    Because of colour. Dark Queen vs light queen... Y'all Stay Safe 😷🙏🎭

  • Beverly Manning
    Beverly Manning

    I am sorry, but I would have rather that they kill her character off then replace her. The show was never the same!

  • Thetruth 123a
    Thetruth 123a

    Will Smith is so friggin fake


    no harm but fuck me, even in this scenario its blamed on the fact someones black. why did she feel the need to do that ffs. the big bad whiteman is not to blame for everything. Smith got her sacked, Smith bad mouthed her publicly, Smith made it very hard to go forward with her career. it had nothing to do with the fact shes black ffs. her actions with the nasty tongue in public were shocking at times. her mouth is also to blame but not her skin colour

  • Leslie Nava
    Leslie Nava

    I love the both aunt viv but this TT is more for the role she can dance

  • Captain Knapton
    Captain Knapton

    I'm so glad this happened....

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith

    Damn she looks good

  • Shakina Dixon
    Shakina Dixon

    I wish me and my father could have this kind of reunion..for real for real..I love him so much but if I could get him to do the right thing i would be ok

  • Circe e
    Circe e

    Will is a coward and still that “ apology” was bad. He owes her more . It’s so tough for brown and dark skinned black women . Always put at the bottom .

  • Matthew Langdale
    Matthew Langdale

    Nothing says I'm sorry like money. Duke her a cool Million, Will. For all the $ she lost on that big show. You can afford it.

  • Alice Henry
    Alice Henry

    Happy to hear it. This needed to happen 😊


    Why is everyone talking about "black" and "woman" but if someone says "white" or "man" in a good light they'll question it or rip it apart? Serious think about that. This has nothing to do with race or gender but people consistently bring it up. If that's not brainwash then I'll never know what is.

  • Tor Hammer
    Tor Hammer

    sorry but this is bullshit is acting for public...

  • LLcoolDre 2728
    LLcoolDre 2728

    One of the greatest feelings is that of a heavy burden being lifted.

  • Petra von OrkoSoft
    Petra von OrkoSoft

    Is the speaker woman of this clip drunken?🙈🙈🙈

  • jessy gane
    jessy gane

    27 year u took away from her man screw will he had all these years. Cut her a famn check. Colorist much

  • BigTymin

    This was cringy and wierd, sorry I said it

  • Pearl J.
    Pearl J.

    Forgiveness Heals even the most painful of wounds! I'm so Happy that Will Smith was man enough to stand up for what's right! God Bless you Both!

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards

    One word: FORGIVENESS 😁

  • majodie

    Not only did he get rid of her, he really didn’t hire anymore dark skinned woman of color. Diseased mind. Glad she has taught him a few things.

  • majodie

    She’s my fav aunt Viv! I think I stopped watching after that. New aunt Viv just didn’t have the homely vibe. Good actress though.

  • Eduardo Espinosa
    Eduardo Espinosa

    Will is the best

  • Femmefatale32000

    But what I want to know: did Willard Smith say 'sorry' to Janet? (I don't have access to the full show, not based in the US)

    • 1swerdna

      Femmefatale32000 Yes, he did. They both cried and hugged it out. This only came after she let him know that her being labeled “difficult” made her lose everything, on top of the pain she was experiencing in her home life at the time.

  • Mychael Lewis
    Mychael Lewis

    Are there such things as "voice-over coaching"??

  • Deebz76

    Brought me to beautiful tears watching this

  • Into The Unknown
    Into The Unknown

    I'm so glad these two have mended it all, will was young back then and now he's had all these experiences he can now understand, this is very moving ❤️

  • Cody Peay
    Cody Peay

    The hurried monday desirably spare because hope yearly touch notwithstanding a responsible reindeer. offbeat, tangy william

  • Nick Hague
    Nick Hague

    It was legendary like the show and everybody who took part

  • Frank Mancina 2
    Frank Mancina 2

    Aunt Viv in the dance studio was phenomenal. 💃🏾

  • Enrique Tamayo
    Enrique Tamayo


  • Alvaro Cartes
    Alvaro Cartes

    garth brooks

  • Julius Peralta
    Julius Peralta

    Funny how they apologize now! Because of the reunion fake ass people

  • christopher pos
    christopher pos

    They should do a movie together

  • Frankie The Gamer
    Frankie The Gamer

    He destroyed her career and now everyone wants peace and all that cmon seriously

  • Rick Daniel A.
    Rick Daniel A.

    Will better make sure she gets that back payment she missed out on AND connect her to a TON of leads to potential good roles which a woman of her qualities DESERVES.

  • valentino00o

    After Janet left . I didnt like the show as much as the earlier seasons. She is soo talented & amazing

  • Le Hen
    Le Hen

    I'm so glad they got together. She has always been awesome in my eyes. She was phenomenal. She was do graceful and poise. I'm 52 and we were stun when the famous scene showed them standing and showing daphne Reed. But Industry loves putting color and women against . But this was so beautiful and will really mature. He's an all time favorite of mines

  • Shems

    She was also Franklin’s aunt in gta5

  • lcfcfan 16
    lcfcfan 16

    The original aunt viv will always be more iconic, but i cant help wonder what it would of been like if James avery never died 😭😥☹, uncle phil was by far the biggest character in the whole programme, and i think that's why will smith hasnt decided to do a reunion just out of shear respect for james, RIP 🙏 😢

  • Sagar Kulkarni
    Sagar Kulkarni

    Why is this guy going around talking about his personal rubbish in television? Why cabinet he just call and resolve?

  • Mat Cole
    Mat Cole

    Forgiveness is powerful.

  • Chrissy King
    Chrissy King

    Happy tears!

  • C G
    C G

    She was great but I didn't mind the new mom either. She looked like Hillary so it helped kind of mesh her into the cast a little but as usual the original was better.

  • Travis Hayden
    Travis Hayden

    He grew up Wisdom only comes through experience

  • Furys_SuperSecretBoyband

    people are gonna have difficulties with each other. That's life. They may act badly in the moment, but that doesn't make them bad people. SO much respect for these two getting together, being honest and hearing each other out. Not many people can do that. You don't have to like each other, but you can see the respect there.

  • OrbitalPudding

    No one talking about how monotone this commentator over the video is. It's so awkward like a robot.

  • Marlon Davis
    Marlon Davis

    This is beautiful man, I'm so sorry for what happened after her situation but that has all gone and cannot be gained back we can only moved forward and forgive and this is excellent, this can be a lesson for many.

  • andy s
    andy s

    Damn she was put together.

  • deannamuffley

    Gwad she looks amazing.

  • Leonard Kipkering
    Leonard Kipkering

    Well he better pay some reparations

  • Leonard Kipkering
    Leonard Kipkering

    Will smith was a punk.they used him and the cast to outcast a professional black woman

  • jason gonzalez
    jason gonzalez

    Man she grabbed his face like when she was his aunt!I have waited since a shorty for this to happen!I love aunt VIV!

  • Carlos8520

    Gymnopédie no.1 Erick Satie

  • Hugh Mandara
    Hugh Mandara

    Jehovah is in control don't forget to pray

  • Pmpbreeze Ogah
    Pmpbreeze Ogah

    Don't worry he sold his soul to devil anyway look at his kids.

  • Just Here For the comments!
    Just Here For the comments!

    She was nog genuine at all 🤪😂🤦‍♂️

  • Rahul Dravid
    Rahul Dravid

    Fresh Prince was a great show. 😉

  • Misfit Monster
    Misfit Monster

    She should be mad at you or hate you will...you fired her !!! B.s.

  • Misfit Monster
    Misfit Monster

    This chick should not be doing voice overs for videos...she cant read or talk..stop.

  • AfricanKid

    imagine if they reconciled just in the year 2000?? all the hurt would have gone

  • Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay

    Aged like fine wine

  • Hanamichi Sakuragi
    Hanamichi Sakuragi

    10 million at least. Pay her up Will

  • Xavier Reid
    Xavier Reid

    She's the only aunt viv

  • MsVichy MS MSc BA
    MsVichy MS MSc BA

    This is why Will was given honor by having a studio/stage with his name on it, in the Tyler Perry Studios! This has taken his KARMA to the Nth degree. This is divine. This is showing US #HowToBe!

  • Jodi Jacobs
    Jodi Jacobs

    be kind to everyone, because you don't know what is happening in their homes.

  • Kamoura Carr
    Kamoura Carr

    It's time for Martin Cast to reunite

  • its yasi
    its yasi

    this made me smile

  • V W
    V W

    All BS aside...I'm just glad they worked it out.

  • 失明の刈り取

    She was my favorite!

  • Julio Jones
    Julio Jones

    Iamhealed #thankyouAllah

  • Jerome Jenkins
    Jerome Jenkins

    Can't bring person issues to work. But hope he cut her a check to balance it out.

  • Odin Griffen
    Odin Griffen

    The streets of hollywood are paved with the broken dreams and bodies of the talented.

  • Jessica J
    Jessica J

    This made me cry. I hope blessings open up to her

  • R. K.
    R. K.

    I thought this was another part of that show, then i hear that typical annoying american voice explaining what we fans already know..

  • charm berry
    charm berry

    I honestly stopped watching for a while because of their beef!! I really hated Will and his big ego back then!!